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There are many options today for replacing missing teeth, and a dental bridge might be the right restoration treatment for you. Based in Bakersfield, California, Dr. Allen Mossaei of First Choice Dentistry can discuss the pros and cons of dental bridges, and determine whether a bridge is your best option. Book an appointment online today to get started.

Dental Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

Just like the name sounds, a dental bridge bridges the gap between missing teeth. Structurally, a bridge is made up of two or more crowns that cap the anchoring teeth on the sides, as well as a bridge of false teeth in the middle. The false teeth can be made of gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials.

Dental bridges are anchored by your natural teeth if they’re strong enough. Dental implants -- artificial teeth installed in your jawbone -- can also anchor them.

What is the process for dental bridge work?

After your consultation with Dr. Mossaei, the first part of the dental bridge procedure is to prepare your teeth that support the bridge. This involves contouring and reshaping these teeth, making them small enough so he can place the dental crowns over them. For this reshaping, you’re given a local anesthetic in your gum tissue near the site, so you don’t feel any pain.

Then, Dr. Mossaei makes impressions of your teeth to create the bridge accurately. He may or may not place a temporary bridge while waiting for the permanent bridge. When the permanent bridge is ready, Dr. Mossaei fits it, adjusts it if necessary, and cements it into place.

How long do dental bridges last?

Dental bridges can last between five and 15 years, and sometimes longer. One of the reasons dental bridges don’t last is because cavities form in the crowned teeth. To preserve the life of your dental bridge, practice proper brushing and flossing and get regular checkups with Dr. Mossaei.

Should I get a dental bridge or a dental implant?

There are pros and cons to dental bridges and dental implants, and just as with any treatment, it depends on your specific needs and current condition. While dental implants result in a more permanent and durable solution, a dental bridge may be your best option if, for example, the neighboring teeth have large fillings and need crowns in the future.

Dr. Mossaei can help you determine whether a dental bridge is a good choice for you and if so, can start you on a custom treatment plan. Book an appointment online today at First Choice Dentistry.